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  1. A.O.A…..
    Dear Sir first of all i am thankful to you for giving us an opportunity to ask any type of question relating law.
    My question is this that there is a property consisting 9 marlas having six inherits, 3brothers & 3 sisters
    and one of the brothers transfer his part of property (2marla) to his son by TAMLEEK and registered his son’s name.
    After registration one more inherit appears and ask for his inherit right what will be happen with registration.
    (((((( Detail)))))))
    A1 died
    Children of A1—- sons A,B,C daughters X,Y,Z
    Children of SON A—- son 1 daughters 2 (A TRANSFER TO HIS SON AND REGISTERED HIS SON’S NAME)
    Children of SON B—- sons 3 daughters 5
    Children of SON C—- unmarried

    Children of DAUGHTER X—- sons 2 daughter2
    Children of DAUGHTER Y—- son1 daughter2
    Children of DAUGHTER Z—–unmarried
    ((((((( QUESTION))))))))))
    After few days of registration a child of A1 and brother of A,B,C,X.Y and Z appears who was living out of country.and demand for his part of property… Is registration will be cancel or not.???


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