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OUR LAW FIRM knows how to face challenges arising out of difficult and complex civil cases. We are a well-trained team, working collaboratively in order to win lawsuits. We are confident that we can achieve the needs and best interests of our clients. We have a team of widely known Advocates and Lawyers specializing in all areas of civil litigation.

Our Lawyers keep fully engage with clients at all stages of their cases that occur during litigation. Our team is highly experienced and has dealt with thousands of cases in Pakistan with a proven record of accomplishment of winning.

Our specialized team studies all available options in relation to cases and then advises client on the best legal option before the courts. We are sufficiently experienced and professionally equipped to fight in order to achieve the success.

OUR professional team deals with all aspects of juridical administrations facing our clients. We work hard to utilize effective measures in order to shun and avoid problems. We take aggressive legal approach to protect clients’ rights and business plans from others’ aggression.

We have very vigilant and aggressive approach in dealing with Civil Litigation including:

Partition of Properties, Cancellation of Documents, Specific Performance of Contracts, Restoration of Possession of Properties,  Permanent Injunctions, Suits for Dissolution of Partnerships, Rendition of Accounts, Recovery of Money and Mesne Profits, Declaration of Rights with Consequential Relief,  Benami Transactions, Recovery of Damages, Succession Certificates, Stay Orders, Constitutional Writ Petitions before the High Courts and Supreme Court, Recovery of Bad Debts and Loans:

Our Law Firm also deals with cases of Special Laws relating to:

Consumer Protection, Environmental Protection, Electricity, Gas and Petroleum, Service Matters, Intellectual Property, Excise and Customs, Import & Export.

Rent Matters:

Ejectment of tenant, Fixation of fair rent, Recovery of rent amount, Registration of rent deeds, Rent Appeals.

Recovery of Bad Debts and Loan:

Our law firm is very successfully providing legal services for recovery of bad debts and loan by initiating civil and criminal proceeding against defaulters in very vigilant and aggressive manner.


OUR LAW FIRM has a highly qualified team of experienced pleaders before the courts in criminal cases. We defend and plead, on behalf of our clients, before all levels of the court in Pakistan in relation to Criminal cases.

OUR legal team have the skills to avoid convictions and achieve acquittals for clients in criminal cases. Generally, we help our clients to navigate all difficulties of criminal proceedings before the criminal courts to create a successful outcome.

We successfully conduct prosecution and defence in Criminal Cases relating to:

Murder, Attempted Murder, Hurt of body, Anti-Terrorism, Kidnapping, Abduction for Ransom, Dacoity, Robbery, Theft, Narcotics (Possession and Trafficking) , Spurious Drugs, Fraud, Forgery, Cheating, Embezzlement, Illegal Possession of property and Land Grabbing, Transfer of property by fraudulent manner, Domestic Violence, Acid burning, Criminal Appeals in Higher Courts, Bail Matters and Suspension of Sentences, Private Criminal Complaints, Harassment and Habeas Corpus Petitions, Petitions U/Sec. 22-A, 22-B Cr.PC, Drugs Court Cases, Anti-Narcotics Cases, Passport and Immigration Offences.

White collar crimes including:

Accountability Offences, Financial Corruption, Money Laundering, Banking Crimes, Anti-Corruption cases, Cyber-Crimes


OUR LAW FIRM knows how to face challenges arising out of difficult and complex family cases. We have well-trained team, working collaboratively in order to win lawsuits. We are confident that we can achieve the needs and best interests of our clients. We represent clients appearing before all levels of family courts, which include dispute settlement offices, courts of first instance and appellate courts.

Family law is one of the most important laws that touch everybody’s daily life. People who are going to marry are become subject to the family laws and the rules, where the marriage took place. From this point, the notion and the idea that everyone should know the family law before they become subject to it, has been formed.

OUR Law Firm guides clients in taking the best legal action concerning them. We are sufficiently experienced and professionally equipped to fight on behalf of our clients, be it in the case of the plaintiff or the defendant, in order to achieve success.

Our Law firm successfully deals with Family Cases relating to:

International divorces, International Marriages, Dissolution of Marriages, Registration of marriage & divorce, Settlement of matrimonial issues , Drafting of family settlements, Drafting of divorce agreement, Divorce effectiveness certificate, Divorce and Khula for overseas Pakistanis, Court Marriage, Maintenance of wives and children, International abduction of Children, Recovery of dowry articles and dower amount, Restitution of conjugal rights, Custody and Guardianship of minors, Appointment of Guardian, Child visitation,  Adoption of children, Legitimacy of children, NOC to Marriages


Establishing and Registration of companies:

  1. Company Registration.imagesCA28PYGB

a. Private Limited

b. Public Limited

c. Limited by Guarantee

  1. Foreign Company Registration
  2. Sole Proprietorship.

  3. Partnership & Joint Venture.

  4. Agency.

  5. Trademarks and Copyrights, Patent and Design.

  6. Society, Trust and Charity


OUR LAW FIRM advises and assists clients in sale, purchase and leasing of commercial, agricultural and residential properties. We successfully complete the whole process of verification and registration of title documents, procurement of revenue documents “Farad” and get mutation of names (Intiqal) in the revenue record.

In developed countries people sell, purchase and transfer property through Law Firms and get avoid from fraud and legal complications. But unfortunately in Pakistan, people directly go for this business, without verification of the title deeds and legal status of the property and get trapped in frauds and legal complications.

The best and safe way to sell, purchase and transfer of property is firstly to consult with lawyer for verification and checking the legal status of the property and then to enter into full written agreement by setting out all the terms and conditions in it. This would save you from property frauds, legal complications and loss of your money.

We initiate speedy legal proceedings against the offenders of Land Grabbing, Illegal Possession of property and Transfer of property by fraudulent manner.

OUR Law Firm provides clients with the best legal services to handle business transactions and deals of all sizes, including contracts and/or agreements pertaining to buying and selling property, leasing for the lessee or lessor, sales and maintenance of real estate and farms and vacant land.

OUR Law Firm has a wide range of practice areas in relation to registration. We guide clients in accordance with the Registration Laws of the Real Estate applicable in Pakistan.  In collaboration with our partners, we empower clients to obtain the rights on their ownership.

OUR Law Firm has experienced litigators, who appear for clients before all levels of the Pakistani courts in order to fight on behalf of them, for both the plaintiff and the defendant, before all stages of arbitration panels and the various forms of the ADR as well as representing them in all attempts to attain an amicable settlement with their opponents.


You may engage our legal services for a full legal advice

Succession Certificates

Dissolution of Marriages, Divorce and Khula

International Divorces

Registration of Marriages and Divorces

Drafting of Divorce Agreements

Divorce Effectiveness Certificate

Court Marriage in Pakistan

NOC to Marriages Certificates

Drafting of Legal Documents

Translation of Documents

Research about Pakistani Laws

Legal Opinion about Pakistani Laws

Deed Writing and Registration of Documents:

Unfortunately in Pakistan people don’t consult with Lawyers for drafting their Legal Documents. They get write-down these valuable documents from in-experienced Deed Writers who don’t know the requirements of legal documentation, which creates the lot of legal complications for them in future. Always get the services of experienced legal expert for drafting of your precious Title Documents.

We provide legal services of drafting and registration of all types of Legal Documents including:

Agreements to sell or purchase, Sale Deeds, Gifts, Wills, Exchanges, Lease Agreements

205 comments on “Legal Services

  1. Sir i hav 5 cheques of an individual person with whom i settled my payment. now its been over 3 Months not a single cheque is cashed. they hav refused to pay the amount which we mutually decided. what should i do and what will happen if i file a case. cheques hav been dishonored by bank.
    Thank you


    • You may file a civil case for cancellation of settled checks and recovery of cashed check and also get a stay order


  2. Dear sir, i am in a possession of A INHERITED HOUSE from the last 20 years. My one brother and five sisters WHO LIVE ABROAD want their share. can they just force their way in or can they file a petition against me in police station concerned? what rights do i have as a possessor of the property.


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