Legal Services for Overseas

OUR LAW FIRM provides Special Legal Services to Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Nationals and Companies695

Our services include but no limited to:

Civil Litigation in Lower Court, High Courts and Supreme Court

Criminal Litigation, Defense and Prosecution

Succession Certificates, Stay Orders

Recovery of Money, Bad Debts, Loans and Mesne Profits

General and Special Power of Attorney

Dissolution of Marriages, Divorce and Khula
International Divorces
Registration of Marriages and Divorces

Drafting of Divorce Agreements
Divorce Effectiveness Certificate
Court Marriage in Pakistan
On Line Marriage in Pakistan

Settlement of Matrimonial IssuesFather Holding Daughter's Hand
Drafting of Family Settlements
Recovery of  Abducted Children
Child Custody and Visitation
Guardianship of Minors Children
Adoption of Children
Legitimacy of Children

Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Property
Legal Management of Property Matters
Recovery of Possession of Properties
Protection of Intellectual Property
Dealing with Cyber-Crimes
Passport and Immigration Offences

Business Set-Up in PakistanBusiness Law
Registration of Company and Partnership
Legal Management of Business

Import and Export Matters

Excise and Customs Matters

Rent Matters of Properties
Drafting of Legal Documents
Translation of Documents
Research about Pakistani Laws
Legal Advice and Opinion about Pakistani Laws

180 comments on “Legal Services for Overseas

  1. I live outside of Pakistan and have a property in Karachi, I want to give power of attorney to my son, if anything happens to me so he could sale the property, my that son also lives abroad but I have more than one children, my lawyer here has no issue to execute POA under my son’s name, please advise if I need to put other children’s name in POA who have no objection or no need of their name…
    Any suggestion or details, much appreciated


  2. AOA,

    I made a car deal with someone here in pakistan 4 moths ago. I sell my car in 30 lakh to him and as per deal he gave me 1000000 in advance and remaining amount was due after 3 months which is 2000000.I handed over him all documents of car and he gave me a cheque of rupees 20 lakh. Now this person has left Pakistan and went to foreign country. is there a legal way to recover my money from him?


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