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Our Law Firm provides Free Initial Legal Consultation regarding695

Civil, Criminal, Constitutional, Family and Special Laws of Pakistan.

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ZAMAN VARDAG Law Associates
A Pakistani Law Firm

Office: 2nd Floor, Saingal Apartments,
Opposite : Family Hospital, Babar Restaurant Street,
4 Mozang Road, Lahore, Pakistan

(Please call at-least 2 hour before your visit)

Contact Through:

Mobile #:     0333 4241182  0300 4490883 ( 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm Pak time)
Ph Off #:     042 3723 2335 ( 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm Pak time)
Skype:         zaman-khan786
WhatsApp:  0333 424 1182
Viber:           0333 424 1182


3,018 comments on “Legal Consultation

  1. Sir what is the legal status of Computerized and non computerized nikah nama in the law of Paksitan? if nadra CRC does not accept the date of birth on nikah nama then what is legal remedy against NADRA in the favor of applicant?


  2. Can you please tell me the procedure for Aak Nama for my son.I am in USA. Do i need to come to Pakistan and appear in court personally or can it be done through a legal lawyer. How long is the procedure. Or can i go to local Embassy and do it?
    Your help in this matter is appreciated.


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