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OUR Law Firm provides legal services  in Pakistan. We represent our clients before Judicial Authorities, Tribunals, Lower Courts, Higher Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. We also provide online legal consultancy and drafting and registration of documents on affordable charges.695

ZAMAN VARDAG Law Associates
A Pakistani Law Firm

Office: 2nd Floor, Saingal Apartments,
Babar Restaurant Street,
Opposite : Family Hospital,
4 Mozang Road, Lahore, Pakistan

(Please call at-least 2 hour before your visit)

Contact Through:

Mobile #:     0333 424 1182 ( 03pm to 07pm Pak time)Contact Us
Ph Off #:      042 3723 2335 ( 03pm to 07pm Pak time)
Skype:          zaman-khan786
WhatsApp:  0333 424 1182


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  1. The value and rate around the area is 7 and a half lakh rupees

    We have spent slot of money on our lands and are wanting at least 10 lakh as if we purchase land somewhere else rates are high 11 to 15 lakh per acre

    If we file a case would we be able to get the money we want for the lands


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