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ZAMAN VARDAG Law Associates     
A Pakistani Law Firm

Office: 2nd Floor, Saingal Apartments, Opposite: Family Hospital, near Babar Restaurant Street, 4 Mozang Road, Lahore, Pakistan

(Please call at-least 2 hour before your visit)

Mobile #:    0333 424 1182 ( 03pm to 06pm Pak time)
Ph Off #:     042 3723 2335 ( 03pm to 06pm Pak time)
Skype:          zaman-khan786
WhatsApp:  0333 424 1182

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  1. Sir there is a close family member facing a serous situation right now …
    sir he and his wife had been divorced as he went abroad for professional needs ant told his wife not to go out of home without asking me when m abroad. But the wife went into disobedience and went out of home and they got divorced
    now they had 6 kids two elder kids elder girl is doing her graduation and elder son doing his intermediate . Now , all of the kids are currently residing at Nani’s place with there mother . the mother is not allowing kids to contact their father and since a year had no contact with them also 2 years before he told his wife if u keep disobeying and frustrating me i’ll marry some one else he keep warning her just for the sake if she would be good to him and also told his kids that if u people keep doing all this beta then i’ll be forced to marry another woman who could respect and obey me now he had married a young girl (also the girl had a hard life time as she lost her parents in her child hood and also her youth had a v v tough time as her uncle took her custody and had no concern about her at all the family doesn’t bother her done too much wrong to her i other words u may say he actually helped her and rescued her as she was in a position no one could even think of marrying her and the family wanted to throw burden off their heads) now the kids are there with their mother and she can’t afford to financially take care of them at all also they need there father’s assistance in their life .
    But the kids are v v stubborn and extremely aggressive towards their father as she just brain washed them that your father left all of us just for the sake of a girl which is almost the daughters age and also that your father just left us for the sake of money and Ayashi but he is trying hard to contact them to convince them to come back there home but they are extremely aggressive also they can’t live without there mother so , now is it possible for them to live together for the sake of kids after divorce. As i had seen examples like this but here is it possible for two of them to live together in any case without any relation just for the sake of their kids as it is a v sensitive matter for the kids
    Kindly advice your opinion


    • socially it is not respectable to live together without legitimate wedlock.
      it is better that he remarry with 1st wife and keep the two wives


  2. Asslm alakum sir we are facing a case 302. S3ssion judge announced 25 years imprisonment for my brother. Judgment is totaly out of the way. Where i can put petition against that judge because i have solid grounds against that judge. Thank (apeal is already filled in high court but i want to file petition against judge)


  3. Hello, I and my Fiancee want to get married. I am a Pakistani and she is a German, could you please tell how can we get nikkahnama and get married.
    PS: Is it important to register our marriage and what if we do not want to register it?

    It’d be a great hep if you could answer me in bit detail.

    Thank you and regards.


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