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ZAMAN VARDAG Law Associates     
A Pakistani Law Firm

Office: 2nd Floor, Saingal Apartments, Opposite: Family Hospital, near Babar Restaurant Street, 4 Mozang Road, Lahore, Pakistan

(Please call at-least 2 hour before your visit)

Mobile #:    0333 424 1182 ( 03pm to 06pm Pak time)
Ph Off #:     042 3723 2335 ( 03pm to 06pm Pak time)
Skype:          zaman-khan786
WhatsApp:  0333 424 1182

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  1. Hello, My father who lives in US, gave his nephew power of attorney for the land about 15 years ago to take care the land. The nephew then transferred the ownership to his own wife and is now refusing to return the land. What action my father can take to take back the ownership of his land?


    • you father can file a case in civil court for the cancellation of the transfer of land done by his Special Attorney


    • a mutual divorce has to be deposited in union council, who will issue a Divorce Certificate to the parties


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