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3,215 comments on “Legal Consultation

  1. I have urgent question regarding Nikkah nama correction. My husband lives in Germany and we got married in march 2017 and we applied for family re union visa in Geman embassy. Unfortunately, after 8 months of investigation i received rejection email from them with the reason your Nikkah namma is illegal as it only shows the signature of one witness. By mistake of Molvi 2nd witness did signature in other field (Lawyer of Bridal) . Now we have a case in court for Nikkah correction. Is there any pakistani law to correct the Nikkah nama . If yes, please guide us how we can correct this issue.


  2. I need some advice regarding marriage and a property.

    My husband and I have been married for five years. I am a foreigner and a POC card holder. My husband verbally promised that he did not want any other wife before we married, and that he didn’t want children.

    I purchased a home approx. 17 months ago. Our home is in my name.

    He has changed his mind during the last 18 months. After asking if he can marry a second wife and my refusal because he has no job or income, he has turned nasty. I have supported him 100% for the past 5-1/2 years.

    My husband is threatening to sell our home and keep the money for himself by saying: “by ways and means I can do this in Pakistan, because this is Pakistan”.

    I need your advice about what to do.


    • Better you inform your problem to your Embassy and Foreign Office in Pakistan. It’s serious threat to your life and property, our law office can also take legal steps for the protection of your life and property in Pakistan.


  3. While I have been abroad for more than 10 years, my father sold a 2 kanal house in DHA which was under my name without my consent. What are my legal options?


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