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  1. Sir , I have a question about the last ingredient of gift deed (possession). My father gifted a property at this time , my father and my all family members with me in gifted house.Now some family persons saying that. yours father should vacate all the house with all furniture etc . than you entered the gifted house.than the gift deed is completed. . Note while I born in this house. plz advice me and status of my registered gift deed. this house was mutated to me in my fathers life time. pl z answer me because i am very disturb these days.


    • if the gift is made by a father in favour of his son/daughter/wife and all living in the same house, in a joint family system, then question of delivery of possession is not relevant. the possession can be transferred constructively and the same can be gathered from the conduct of the donor.
      in your case for completion of your gift deed, the eviction of the father is not required. Your gift is complete in the presence of both of you in the same house.


      • Thanks a lot sir reply, I want to send a judgement of my suit, I which the judge has passed an order, That my gift deed is not complete. I need you’s expert Opinion and further advice regarding appeal. Thanks


  2. Dear sir, i was married with a girl who was taken khula from her first husband, her mother n father both r died, she is not having any other brother and sister her uncle (mamo) was looking after to her, her mamo made false with us that the girl is very good, educated and well knowing the ghar daari and our family including me were agree to marry, after marriage within few days i found she was mentally not a normal girl, she shouted without any reason, she never leave room. She doesn’t like if any guest come in our home, I reported many times about her behavior to her uncle but he says she is normal and he comes to talk n advise her to live with all family peacefully, but her behavior was not good, she laugh alone while sitting in room by seeing walls and turned off LCD, she never care about me and my son, she doesn’t sleep till 2 or 3am n force me to dont sleep, it was her routine, i m a working person i was fully disturbed with her doings and also facing problem in my office work. after one month she shouted with me n family and calls to her uncle to come to take her back to his home. He comes and try to make her cool and advise be peaceful but she was making argument and at all she left with her uncle. it was one month past but her family members (uncles) were not contacted with us, after that we decided to leave this girl who already an abnormal and many times said ” i will cut my hands with blade or knife and your (me) family will face the court” she already left my flat shouted in corridor in front of neighbors very loudly. means she can suicide to. they also not yet presented her khula naama as our Qazi asked her uncle at the time of nikah but he said i forgot it at home and will be presented soon that’s the reason our nikkah is not registered yet. I all these circumstances what do u suggest me either i must b silent and wait if they ask for khula (because we r claiming them to pay back our expenditure of marriage which was made against false) or i make talaq nama against haq maher of RS.25,000/-? I also talked to her uncle to adjust this amount in our expenditure but the r not agree to pay back us as well as asking for Haq Mahr Rs.25000/-.
    Kindly advise me i m very much worried and in trouble cuz i already taken loan for this marriage. Thanks


  3. My mother have four sisters and two brothers. She is not educated lady.
    My mother’s brothers has got gifted agriculture land from my mother through patwari but she has not knowledge that she gifted land. when her brothers taken thumb impressions on paper they said that our land is plugged from agricultural bank so it is to be released from bank, actually they committed fraud. my mother is alone no other sisters with him. now the question is, if she claims in civil court against her brothers, will she get her land back through civil court, unfortunately all witness are with her brothers side.


    • yes she can file a civil case for the cancellation of the gift fraudulently registered by her brothers, anyhow she has to arrange some witnesses to prove her claim in the civil court


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