About Us

ZAMAN VARDAG    Law Associates

is a Full Service Pakistani Law Firm based in Lahore, Pakistan. It was established by a695 group of Advocates possessing vast experience in various legal areas to serve the needs of the valuable clients.

Within a short span of time, by offering high caliber legal services, or Law Firm has gained the trust of major local and international clietele.

OUR Law Firm is providing solution oriented and high-quality legal services to its clients which include people, overseas Pakistanis  foreigners, business groups, institutions, national and multi-national organizations.


OUR Law Firm prides itself on the advocacy skills of its lawyers. However, we also know that success is not contingent upon the lawyers, but on the commitment and dedication they show in their professional legal work.

We endeavor to provide the best services to our clients. At every stage of the legal process, we work in close relationship with our clients, which enable us to find the best legal solution and relief for them.

Our mission is to serve our clients and achieve their goals by providing high-quality services in a time and cost-effective manner. The undeniable truth that forms the basis of our mission is:

                            OUR CLIENTS’ SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS  

                               WE FIGHT TO ACHIEVE THEIR RIGHTS

DISCLAIMER: The information on this blog is of basic nature and should not be considered as final legal advice.  The receipt of this information does not constitute a lawyer-client relationship and is not used here to solicit clients.

Do not send us any information that you consider confidential or secret and publication of which may harm you in any manner.

Internet subscribers and other readers of this blog should not act upon the information herein without seeking final professional legal counseling.

Our blog may contain information taken from other internet sources, so we do not make any warranties as to their contents. Our law firm disclaims any liability to the contents of this blog or any linked websites.

We did not authorize any person to act on our behalf and deal with visitor of this blog. The visitors should directly get legal information from our sources. If some person pretends himself as our partner or representative and try to solicit and deal with you, immediately contact us.

ZAMAN VARDAG Law Associates     
A Pakistani Law Firm

Office: 2nd Floor, Saingal Apartments, Opposite: Family Hospital, near Babar Restaurant Street, 4 Mozang Road, Lahore, Pakistan

(Please call at-least 2 hour before your visit)


Email:          zamankhanvardag@yahoo.com
Mobile #:    0333 424 1182 ( 03pm to 06pm Pak time)
Ph Off #:     042 3723 2335 ( 03pm to 06pm Pak time)
Skype:          zaman-khan786
WhatsApp:  0333 424 1182


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6 comments on “About Us

    • Congratulations.
      We run a small law office, you better to join any big law firm to start your legal profession


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