..::Marriages of Foreigners in Pakistan

A Finns woman from Finland came in Pakistan and got married with a Pakistani Muslim man in Lahore.

A woman Trinidad got married with a Pakistani Muslim man in Lahore Pakistan.  Now both the spouses are residing in United Arab Emirate

A Jordanian Muslim man , got married with a Pakistani Muslim woman  and their marriage is registered in Lahore Pakistan. Now both the spouses are now residing in Dubai.

Our law firm provided legal services for documentation and registration of these marriages in the Pakistan and get attested their marriage documents from Foreign Office, of Pakistan.


51 comments on “..::Marriages of Foreigners in Pakistan

  1. Hi, I visit first time on your page and I really appreciate your effort and favor to guide people. Thank you very much. I wish to meet you ever. I am from PAKISTAN AIR FORCE n belong to lahore. Thank you


  2. Hi Sir,
    am holding Taiwan passport and my boyfriend is holding Pakistan passport.
    I would like to know more about the cost of marriage registration with foreigner in Pakistan.
    What’s more, we would like to check the concerns that my boyfriend has a marriage in Philippine (not register in Pakistan) before and currently already filed the divorce case in Philippine court.
    If he will need to provide any documents to approve this divorce case?
    Or if he could be considered as single in Pakistan nation still?
    If under this scenario, the request documents and process will be different?
    How long it will take for the process to get the marry certification?
    Looking forwarding your prompt reply.


    • If your Pakistani fiance is married in Philippine then his marital status would be taken as Marriednot single, if his previous marriage is not registered in Pakistan a Divorce is pending in Philippine, then as per my understanding he can get marry with any lady in Pakistan, but he must have to mention his marital status as “Married but divorce pending “


  3. Dear i am from Pakistan, i want to marry a Filipino girl, after married to me the Filipino girl have right to get citizenship of Pakistan or can’t get citizenship….. And other question is that visit visa is suitable to married….????


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