..::Legal Management of Properties in Pakistan

Overseas Pakistanis having any legal issue of management of their properties in Pakistan can contact our law firm. We will provide full legal service for  management of their properties in Pakistan.

Our legal services will include but not limited to:

Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Properties

Recovery of Possession of Properties

Renting out properties and collection of rent

Pursuing property  litigation in Pakistan

Overseas Pakistanis all over the world face lot of legal issues regarding the management of their properties in Pakistan. They contact our law firm for management of their legal issues. Our law firm provides them full legal services for resolving their legal issues. Contact for further information. #OverseasPakistanis #LegalServices #PropertyManagement

A British National of Pakistani origin Mr. Talib Hussain had property dispute in Rabwah  Pakistan. His land was illegally occupied by his co-sharers in Pakistan. His co-sharer were not giving his due share in the property and profits. He appointed our law firm as Special Attorney and now we filed a suit for partition and mesene profits, which is pending in the civil court of Lalian, Chiniot. We are conducting these cases which are likely to be decided in near future.

Mr. Kashif Raees from UK had some legal problems to transfer of property in Pakistan. The revenue authorities were creating some unnecessary hurdles in the transfer of land. He contacted and instructed our law firm for legal action. Our law-firm advised him for filing a Writ Petition in High Court for getting a direction to Revenue Authorities for a smooth transfer of the land strictly in accordance with law.

An overseas Pakistani Tayyab Hussain who used to work in UAE, USA and Canada purchased a plot of 10 Marlas in Overseas Workers Co-operative Housing Society Limited, Lahore Pakistan. He paid the full payment of the plot but unable to get the demarcation and possession of plot along with its title documents from the society. Now he contacted our law firm for the recovery of the said plot. Our law firm initiated the legal action and there is very likelihood of his success in the recovery of the said plot.

44 comments on “..::Legal Management of Properties in Pakistan

  1. Is the Registry of a piece of Land, reflecting ownership of said land in my name is legally sufficient to make me real owner of land OR still a fard duly countersigned by Tehsildar is a Compulsory requirement?


    • after registered sale deed you need to need a “mutation of names” (Intiqal) in the land revenue record. without this legal requirement your ownership is not complete


  2. Dear Sir patwari has make mistake in calculation of property measurement ( less mentioned ) when it transfer from sisters to their brothers fifteen years ago what we should do now ?


      The mistake done by Patwari can be rectified.
      You may apply to the officer of A.C level for rectification of mistake done by the Patwari.
      you may say that just it came into your knowledge that such clerical mistake in revenue record has been done by Patwari.Your delay may be covered, because it was the mistake of the Revenue Officer.

      166. Clerical mistakes, etc.– Clerical or arithmetical mistakes in any decree or order made by any Revenue Officer, or errors therein from any accidental slip or omission may, at any time, be corrected by such officer.
      Explanation– In this section, “Officer” includes the successor-in-office of the officer.


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