..::Legal Services by Pakistani Law Firm in Lahore Pakistan

We have a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, who are well versed with all kinds of complex legal matters. Our team renders competent consultations in the field of law and represent our clients before all legal forums. A perfect blend of legal experience, technical knowledge and commercial acumen, the endeavors of our team is directed towards offering our clients best legal consultations, which are targeted to meet our client’s need with complete efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our professional team handling, advising, drafting and contesting the matters like :-

Family Law/ Matrimonial Law :

Divorce case, Dissolution of marriage, Child Custody, Mutual Divorce, Maintenance for wife and Children s, Advising on Foreign Divorce Matters, Domestic Violence Cases..etc..

Civil Law :

Civil Suit, Injunction Suit, Suit for Money Recovery, Portioned Suit, Suit under order XXXVII Cpc, Execution Petition..etc..All civil Matters before Supreme Court, High Courts & all Districts Courts in Pakistan.

Criminal cases:

Bail, trial, Cheating Cases, sexual harassment Cases, Criminal Breach of Trust, Rape Cases, Cheque Bounce Cases, Criminal Appeal, Criminal Writ Petition, Anti-Corruption cases, Quashing of FIR, .etc..

Property Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan :

Buyer & Seller agreement drafting, Property Injunction Suit, Property Legal Search Report, Legal Title Search, will drafting, , Family Settlement deed, Legal Documents drafting..etc..


11 comments on “..::Legal Services by Pakistani Law Firm in Lahore Pakistan

  1. Please let us know about the Company Limited by Gurantee in case having share Capital what kind of shares called?
    and in case having not share Capital of the Company it should be treated in tax examption benefits and called non profit orgainzation?

    Please your early response will be highly appriciated into this matter.

    Thanking You


  2. A tenant is living in our home from more than 11 months (the agreement which he signed of 11 months). We gave him the notice of 1 month. The one month is over even though he did not gave the rent & other utility bills of the that month. He also done very much bad things he call the cops & arrest my brother in fake rape allegation of his daughter. The family living near our home are also fed up from them even though we submitted the application in the nearest police station regarding the house & also got the signature of the families living near our home.
    My mother is widow & our source of income is house rent we haven’t any other source of income. According to Rent Restriction law we are falling in 25 section.
    Now tell me what should I do.?


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