Legal Management of Property in Pakistan

Mr. Kashif Khan from UK had some legal problems to transfer of property in Pakistan. The revenue authorities were creating some unnecessary hurdles in the transfer of land. He contacted and instructed our law firm for legal action. Our law-firm advised him for filing a Writ Petition in High Court for getting a direction to Revenue Authorities for a smooth transfer of the land strictly in accordance with law.

25 comments on “Legal Management of Property in Pakistan

  1. I am uk resident, my parents are deceased, I have a sibling in Pakistan, the property was in parents name , do I have to travel to Pakistan to transfer property in my name and my siblings name, or can this be done from UK. Please advise procedure.


    • yes after the death of your father the property will be devolved on the surviving legal heirs of your deceased father. (Warasti Intiqal). so no need of your visit in Pakistan, it can be done through a Special Power of Attorney attested by Pakistani Consulate in UK


  2. sir my name is Dr. Imran i have a commercial property in my name. the funds to built this property were provided by my father. i am unmarried and have a younger brother who is adult. can i transfer half of this property to my brother?


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