Legal Management of Property in Pakistan

Mr. Kashif Khan from UK had some legal problems to transfer of property in Pakistan. The revenue authorities were creating some unnecessary hurdles in the transfer of land. He contacted and instructed our law firm for legal action. Our law-firm advised him for filing a Writ Petition in High Court for getting a direction to Revenue Authorities for a smooth transfer of the land strictly in accordance with law.

18 comments on “Legal Management of Property in Pakistan

  1. There are 11 homes in a community. Builders come and gives verbally a good price for purchase of each house and each house has slightly different measurement. when they are told this house only is smallest and will you still pay 4.85 crore for this verbally says yes so they make agreement and when times of agreement comes builders signs 4•5 crore with all town houses but that small one he says 3 as no written agreement was what is legal standing of that house in case they don’t want to sell their home as they doesn’t want to sell but was getting good price so agreed and since all houses in community are sold and in case tomorrow everyone leaves would builder be able to start construction on road as well which in case he starts will block the road to exit for that only house and what advantage or disadvantage is at that owner who doesn’t sell his home.


  2. My father recently passed away we believe my father married a 13 years old girl but made false documents for marriage to be legal we believe that brides father sold his daughter for land and property we believe this is illegal, now my father has passed away they know my fathers land and property which me, my brother and sister should have inherited. is there any way we can do in law to obtain which legally should be ours if we can get hold of the brides real birth certificate to prove this was not a legal marriage but the selling daughter for land and property. could you please advise us if there is anything we can do or we just leave alone and move on with our life thank you


    • if the girl prove that she was legally married with your father then she will inherit her share as widow from the property left by her husband


  3. Sir there are five hundred acres land as inheritance property and we are 3 brother and 3 sisters . how much share we will get and what is the procedure if I fails to get my share in that property?


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