..::Overseas Pakistani…Recovery of his Land

An overseas Pakistani Tahir Hussain who used to work in UAE, USA and Canada purchased a plot of 10 Marlas in Overseas Workers Co-operative Housing Society Limited, Lahore Pakistan. He paid the full payment of the plot but unable to get the demarcation and possession of plot along with its title documents from the housing society. Now he contacted our law firm for the recovery of the said plot. Our law firm initiated the legal action against the society and LDA and there is very likelihood of his success in the recovery of the said plot.

22 comments on “..::Overseas Pakistani…Recovery of his Land

  1. My mum left some property she died on 2011 we lived in uk I make power of attorney to take Pakistan with me to transfer property my name can you plz tell me the procedure of transferring complete thanks


    • you must get signed a Special Power of Attorney from all the legal heirs in UK, left by your mother and attest the same from Pakistani consulate and register it in Pakistan.
      After that you can transfer the property on the names of all legal heirs through inheritance mutation


  2. my father purchased 5 marla land on stamp paper in1967 and its amt was 99 rs.only.then we construct a house on it.then we lived there for 6years then we came to other house.same house was use in our relative.now we demand but they refuse to give back possession.wwhat remady available


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