..::Divorce Notice…Reconciliation Proceedings in Pakistani Mission Abroad

S. 7—Constitution of Pakistan (1973), Art.199—Constitutional petition—Notice of divorce —Reconciliation between the spouses—Forum—Petition was directed against notice received by the petitioner/wife from Chairman Union Council informing her about the notice of divorce served by husband and offering reconciliation proceedings under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961—Both the petitioner/ wife and husband were residing abroad and for foreign resident Pakistanis, the law had created a remedy and forum for reconciliation between the spouses under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 in the Pakistan Mission in the countries of their residence—Husband should avail that remedy and in case such remedy was not available, then any other competent forum could be approached for relief—High Court directed that husband should approach the Pakistan Mission in the country (abroad) to register the divorce pronounced by him upon the wife and for reconciliation proceedings visualized under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 to be undertaken there—Proceedings before Chairman Union Council, in circumstances, were declared to be incompetent.


58 comments on “..::Divorce Notice…Reconciliation Proceedings in Pakistani Mission Abroad

  1. Do overseas pakistani need to attest divorce deed from somewhere or just sent it by courier to wife and copy plus section 7 notice to union council?

    Would you think union council will post me divorce in my usa address?


    • yes you have to get attest the divorce either fro Pakistani consulate or notary public etc.
      you have to send the original to the concerned union council and its copy to wife.
      you may appoint any person as your special attorney in Pakistan, then the union council will call your special attorney and not you.


  2. I have given a singal divorce on stamp paper to union council and send a copy to wife. Did union council call us for Arbitration council or can confirm divorce with out calling us? Or is that compulsory for wife to attend the Arbitration council? And did I have to send remaining 2 divorce for completing divorce or singal divorce is sufficient?


    • as per law after receiving notice the chairman union council constitute an arbitration council and calls for the parties for reconciliation and on failure after 90 days issue a divorce certificate, the woman can appoint her representative to attend the proceedings, single notice is sufficient


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