..::Marriages by Foreigners in Pakistan

A  foreigner woman of Greek origin, resident of Athens, Attica, Greece got married at Lahore with a Pakistani man from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Our law firm prepared the legal documentation, registered their marriage and get attested their marriage documents from Foreign Office, camp office, Lahore Pakistan.

47 comments on “..::Marriages by Foreigners in Pakistan

  1. I need information about marriage my wife is German she came in Pakistan for marriage and we done marriage in Lahore and register in a union council in Lahore now I want a marriage certificate and the union council Secretary write the address and her nationality as Pakistani he say if I write the German address and Nationality the marriage will not be registered in Pakistan.


    • the secretary union council is giving wrong information for best reasons known to him.
      her German nationality and passport number can be written on the Marriage Registration Certificate.
      so for as her address is concerned, it must be mentioned where the marriage solemnized


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