Pakistani Law Firm Providing Legal Services to Overseas Pakistanis.

A British National of Pakistani origin had some land in Pakistan. His property was illegally occupied by his co-sharers in Pakistan. His co-sharer were not giving his due share in the property and profits. He engaged and appointed our law firm as Special Attorney.

Now we  filed a suit for partition and a suit for mesene profits. We are very successfully conducting these case which are likely to decided in near future in favor of our client


9 comments on “Pakistani Law Firm Providing Legal Services to Overseas Pakistanis.

  1. Dear Sir,Sometime ago I came to know your site and I think you give legal advice free,right? I live abroad and have a property in Pakistan left by my late father and that property is undivided between me and my two (former) brothers and (their) mother.The relationship is not good between us as both of them are unemployed and have sinister motives of usurping my and my youngest sister’s (whom they have evicted from home in one way or the other and her whereabouts are not known despite my my asking them repeatedly) share in the estate.
    Also this years’ rent they have not sent me nor they have given it to my relative to whom I gave my power of attorney despite my asking. They also have not given me any response when I repeatedly called on them to sit with me so that we divide the property among ourselves. I also want to find my sister.
    So in these circumstances what legal options are open to me?I request you to help me sort this out.I will be very grateful to you.
    Thank you


    • your any family member should immediately file a Writ of Habeas Corpus in the High Court for the recovery of the lady


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