1. Written Constitution
Like the previous constitutions of 1956 and 1962 the Constitution of 1973 is a written document. It is very comprehensive and consists of twelve parts consisting of 280 articles.
2. Islamic System
The inclusion of Islamic Provisions has given the 1973 Constitution an unprecedented Islamic character. It ensures an Islamic system in the country.
3. Rigid Constitution
It is a rigid constitution. No Government can change it at will. It is not easy to make amendments in it. Two-third majority of both the Houses is required for this purpose
4. Direct Method of Election
The Constitution of 1973 gives a direct method of election. The members of the National Assembly, the Provincial Assemblies are directly elected by the people.
5. National Language
The 1973 Constitution has declared Urdu as the national language of Pakistan. However English has been retained as the official language for 15 years

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    Is it permitted in law in Pakistan to file a joint legal case against an housing society in Islamabad, where applicants need to seek legal help from court against the society’s decision affecting all members.

    This is because the purpose of plaintiffs application in court is to stop the society from an action being contemplated to be taken by the society against a large number of members which doesn’t seem to be justified. 

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    Rashid Akhtar

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