What is Procedure for Registeration of GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY in Pakistan


By this Power of Attorney, I, Name, (NIC No.                    ), aged about ___ years, occupation ________________________, currently working in —————— and residing at _______________, Eastern Province of ——–, hereby appoint (Name of Power of Attorney Holder), NIC No._________, residing at (complete address) Attorney in my name and on my behalf to do and execute all or any of the acts and things following, namely:

  1. To demand, collect and receive, give, effectual bonafide, discharge of, in my name and on my behalf all debts, advances and claims due to me.  They shall further have power to take and use all lawful proceedings and means of recovering and receiving the said debts, advances and to commence and to prosecute and to defend at law all actions, suits, claims, demands and disputes and to refer to arbitration and adjust and settle and to compromise all accounts, suits, claims and demands and for al or any of the purpose aforesaid to do and execute such instruments or things as shall be thought necessary or expedient.
  2. To sell, purchase, exchange, surrender, lease or dispose of any houses, buildings, land, shops, belonging to me or held by me and to transfer, release any mortgages, or also to execute or enforce any power of sale or other powers under any such mortgages or charges or otherwise to realize or obtain the benefit thereof in such manner, as may be thought expedient.
  3. To represent me in Income Tax Department, Excise and Taxation Departments and other tax collection agencies.
  4. To represent me in Provincial, Federal Law courts.
  5. To operate any banking accounts opened by me, to open and operate any fresh banking accounts at any Bank, which my attorneys or attorney think proper and expedient and specially my account No. __________ with ____________Bank _________, Karachi, Pakistan.
  6. To give on lease or any kind any part of my immovable property and to demand, sue for and collect and receive and give effectual discharges for the rents and profits now due and henceforth to become due in respect thereof and to take all lawful proceedings for recovering the said rents and for enforcing performance of any covenants and agreements with the leases and for ejecting tenants and for recovering damages from them for non-performance of any covenant or agreement of tenancy.
  7. Generally to do all such acts and things as my attorney or attorneys shall think expedient for the purposes aforesaid as fully and effectually in all respects as I could do myself and I the said (Name with NID number) _________________ hereby undertake to ratify and confirm all and whatever my said attorneys or attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of this deed.

In witness whereof I have set my hand in the presence of witnesses:

1)                 Name of Witness No. 1

2)                 Name of Witness No. 2

SIGNED         ____________________________

(Signature of Provider)


8 comments on “What is Procedure for Registeration of GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY in Pakistan

  1. Salaam. I live in USA and need to give my brother a power of attorney to take care of my property in Pakistan. What is the procedure? Does Pakistan embassy has to be involved or can I get it attested at my local bank? Also do I need any special forms for this? Thank you for your help.


    • Power of Attorney will be send after attestation of Pakistani Embassy/consulate, in Pakistan it will be counter singed by Foreign Office and be registered in Pakistan


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