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custody of minor–-Record had revealed that minor had become victim of the strained relations of his parents as he was suffering because of egocentric attitude portrayed by father of the minor—Last desertion of the spouses resulted into registration of criminal case by wife against her husband, the defendant, for causing hurts and other torture at her person—Plaintiff lady was forcibly deprived of the lawful custody of her minor son—Mother was a natural guardian and lap of the mother was the basic need of a minor; if a person being father of minor knowing such reality and just in the garb of his love and affection towards his child, it would deny the warmth of the lap of the mother to his child it would be nothing, but an egocentric behavior having no love and affection towards his child in reality—Financial status of the defendant father, could in no way be a substitute to war/nth of the lap of mother and the minor of five plus was badly in need of the sane—Findings of the two courts below, were well-reasoned and within -the sphere of law regulating the custody of minor—High Court, in exercise of constitutional jurisdiction, could not enter to reappraise the evidence, when there was no misreading, error of jurisdiction or law.

2010 YLR 3246


6 comments on “..::Custody of Minor in Pakistan..Case Law

  1. Hi sir
    I m doctor in usa
    I had divorced my wife 3 yr ago due to lack of understanding. I had 2 yr old daughter that was with my wife n i got re married 6 months later n now m in usa. I kept on sending money to wife for baby care. Now ex wife has married and moved to other city and my 6 yr old lived with her nana nani. I want to bring her in usa so that she may be brought up under my direct care. Her grandfather has claimed falsely the guardianship. What should i do? Can i file custody case on my behalf? What are success chances? Many lawyers in fd have told that since i live abroad my case is very weak. I am willing to send my daughter every year to pakistan on my expense to meet her mom who lives in lahore with her second husband.
    Any help will be appreciated


  2. Sir.
    I have prob that my wife is nit living with me and she decided to live with her parents
    I have one child of 3 years age (boy)
    She has lots of demands which i cant fulfill so she and her parents are blackmailing me to have my child.
    My wife is not sporting me properly .just wants to impose her thinking and want to get live separably.
    In my home some times problems like personality clashes with my family.
    So now they demand a lots which u cant fulfill.
    Maximum i have been the favour if my wife even then she acts accordingly her mother thinking.
    So now they just ask me that u can see your child here when ever u want.
    I realy upset to have their decision. I request a lot that plz dont do this with me.
    But they are not willing to understand me.
    My family is much upset to see this…
    Recently she gone about 15 days ago.
    Many times she gone after due too.diffrents probls.
    My wife some time wants me but her mother chang her mind even on small fight between us.
    I have no such like business which they want to do..
    Plz tell me what should i do to come back my family.
    What kind of rights i have to get them back in a spacial way … any trick plz… i m much upset.
    I love them a lot.
    Plz help me


    • dear brother
      as your in-laws offered you to meet with your child, better you avail this offer and start to meet with child. just wait any don’t take any legal action. try to reconcile the matter.


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