..::What is Islamic view about Nikah on phone in Pakistan.

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Nikah can be done over the phone and the ulamas in Indonesia have given its fatwa. It have done by 2 pairs of bride and bride groom which its process could be watched on TV. One pair the woman in Jakarta and the man in the USA and the another pair the bride in Jakarta and the bride groom in Australia. In modern world and in the era of information technology it will be easy .We can see the face of someone who speaks on the phone

The process is like this. The bride sit together with the Muslim official of the Ministry of religious affairs, her father or brother as her wali, witnesses one from the side of bride and one from the side of bride groom, mothers of bride and bride groom, their sisters and relatives ,dowry that will be given by bride groom represented by his brother or other relative and other attendances’. On this ceremony the bride groom in foreign country should hold the phone and the religion officer will ask him to say syahadat in the phone when the would father in law (father of bride) gives permission to his daughter to marry him by saying his name. After that he should deliver his marriage dowry which will presented by his representative but he should say on phone what is its dowry such as gold jewels how many grams or carats or and an amount of money. Then the ceremony will be finished by shake hand among bride and her parents and parents in law and other attendances.


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