..::Divorce/Talaq Procedure in Pakistan..Marriage Solemnized in England

According to the Mohammedan Law a Civil marriage, solemnized at a Registrar’s office in London between a Mohammedan domiciled in Pakistan and an English woman domiciled in England, cannot be dissolved by the husband handing to the wife a Talaqnama / Divorce Deed, although that would be an appropriate mode of effecting the dissolution of Mohammedan marriage under Mohammedan Law.

The reason is that such a marriage is a Christian marriage by which is meant the voluntary union for life of man and one woman to the exclusion of all others; it is not a marriage in the Mohammedan sense which can be dissolved in Mohammedan manner. A Mohammedan marriage, being a polygamous marriage is not, for certain purposes of English Law, regarded as a marriage. But this reason ceases to apply when the wife becomes a convert to Islam.


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