..::COURT MARRIAGE in Pakistan..Legal Procedure

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The process of court marriage is to supply copies of National Identity Card  (CNIC), Two copies of passport size photos with white or blue background. Proper  verification of age and identity. The minimum age for a Girl (Lady, Woman) to  get married is 16 and for a boy (Man) is 18 years. Age verification is necessary & the same can be done by way of producing copies of “National Identity Card  (CNIC)”, “Form B” or Educational Certificate (S.S.C, Matric). Procedure of  court marriage is: Girl having age more than 16 years can contract marriage in  the court with her own free will and wish without the will of her parents. Law  gives her right. For court marriage only CNIC or other document for the proof of  her age is sufficient. The girl has to personally appear in the court who will  execute the free will and on the basis of her free will her marriage (Nikah) will  be performed. For marriage performance at least two witnesses are required. Parents cannot cancel Marriage (Nikah), Parents can only pressurize her/his to  file the divorce case in the court. She (Girl, Lady, Woman, Bride) can get  divorce from the court and Man (He, Man, Groom) can pronounce divorce her.  Otherwise there is no other way for the cancellation of the Marriage (Nikah). Legal Marriage age for Girl is 16 years old and for boy is 18 years old. If  you want to marry before this age you are required Guardian Permission. For  Registration of Marriage you are required, Pakistani ID, Form B or Educational  Certificate for verification of Date of Birth. Note: To avoid complications  first coordinate with your Parents, Friends & Family to make arrangements of  Marriage (Nikkah); if not possible then consult with a Lawyer (Advocate) for court marriage.


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