..::Marriage and Divorce Law in Pakistan..

Marriage and Divorce Law in Pakistan…The Problem of Recognition in foreign countries: As a young bride, Roshauna 1 left Iran with her husband for a new life in the United States. Soon after their arrival, their marriage began to break down due to the abuse she received from her husband. Roshauna sought and received her divorce after a long court battle. She had been given a divorce on the usual basis of irreconcilable differences. Relieved that she had been freed from her husband, she made plans to visit her parents in Iran, only to discover her American divorce would not be valid in Iran. Even worse, she learned that if she sets foot in the country, she will return to the control of her ex-husband‘s family, and as she had remarried in America, her ex-husband’s family could accuse her of adultery and have her stoned.

Similarly, Hasan married a British woman in Pakistan. After they moved to the United States, he divorced her according to the laws of his religion. As his wife was a British citizen, the United Kingdom had never recognized their marriage. Even though she married again in England, the U.S. never recognized the validity of the divorce. Hasan is still considered a married man, though to the rest of the world he is either divorced or had never been married.

The question then arises: What must one do to ensure marriage and divorce will be valid when people frequently marry spouses from other countries, or when one or both of the spouses immigrates …



2 comments on “..::Marriage and Divorce Law in Pakistan..

  1. i got married in 7th March 2012 with British National Doctor, it was arrange marriage, and he left after 18 days of my marriage to England,he talked to me on phone and always used to say that he will take me to England, last 3 months he did nt contact me.and i heard he planning to give me divorce, wat should i do, he ruined my whole life, he has given me 5 lakh in jwellary form, but wat should i do, i want to give punish him, i want him to compensate me properly, i felt like i was his enjoyment or toy, wat should i do, He is famous Doctor in England. help me out


    • a woman can,t do anything against the right of divorce of a man. he given you 5 laks in jewelry form, this is your dower money, you can retain it but you can stop your husband from divorcing you.


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