..::Custody of Children and Maintenance of Ex-Wife in Islam

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QUESTION: Assalamu Alieykum, I was married to my Ex-wife for 2.5 years and I have twins (2 daughters) from her. We were living together in gulf happily with normal husband-wife issues. However, when we were on vacation in India and she visited her parents house, she complained about my behavior, which she didn’t like. On this she was mis-guided by some of her relatives (uncle and brother) to demand for divorce. They managed to threaten me from all angles and demanded a divorce (KHULA). However, I tried my level best to avoid it would ruin my, her and kids future. Then they demanded the MAHR from me, which Qazi didn’t agree. Thus they forced me to give Divorce (Talaaq) instead of taking Khula only for getting the MAHR. Now, they are more greedy and have filed a case against me to pay her IRS 30 lacks as her life maintenance. Is this lawful acts from there side to demand MAHR earlier and Life Maintenance Amount now.  I am already paying for my kids maintenance on yearly basis but I am not even allowed to meet and see my kids for almost two years. Please help me by giving your opinion on basis of Islam.
ANSWER: You don’t have to pay any such maintenance and they are surely exploiters. You should be seeing your children.


2 comments on “..::Custody of Children and Maintenance of Ex-Wife in Islam

  1. AoA,

    I have two sons of ages 15 & 10, am planning to separate from my wife due to continuous differences. What is the Islamic teaching on custody of kids of suggested age? I want to retain my kids but obviously will do whatever is better according to Islam- BTW, if I had to give up custody of kids, my wife can’t financially afford them either.



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