..::Child Custody..Apostate Mother's devoid of all rights in Pakistan

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…given to father on the grounds …mother who is an apostate is devoid of all rights including custody

According to the AP, Molly Campbell, also known as Misbah Iram Ahmed Rana, has signed a legal statement saying she left of her own free will. While that statement comes under automatic suspicion of coercion due to the circumstances, the parental rights of her mother have been revoked by a Pakistani court on the grounds that “an apostate is devoid of all rights,” adding a new dimension to an already-messy custody battle.

From the Evening Standard: “Father given custody of Molly – because her mother’s a Christian”

The father of runaway Molly Campbell was granted interim custody of the 12-year-old in Pakistan because her mother had re-converted to Christianity.

Sajad Ahmed Rana won the ruling after telling a court that Louise Campbell was not giving Molly an Islamic home and was living with a man she had not married – a crime under Pakistani law.

Molly, who triggered an international police investigation after she disappeared from her school in the Outer Hebrides nine days ago, was at the Session Court of the Civil Judge in Lahore to hear the verdict.

The court issued an order through the British High Commission in Islamabad that Mrs Campbell must personally appear in Lahore on Wednesday to defend herself, until which time Molly stays in her father’s custody.

There is now likely to be a protracted legal case involving lawyers in Scotland and Pakistan. In Scotland, Mr Rana, a wealthy clothing manufacturer who initially had custody of all the couple’s four children after their divorce in 2001, could face prosecution for child abduction. In Pakistan, the position of Mrs  Campbell, who converted to Islam upon her marriage, would be uncertain.

“Louise Campbell is a re-convert and according to Pakistani law an apostate is devoid of all rights and deserves punishment


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