..::Overseas Marriages in Pakistan..legality in the UK

…posted by Pakistani Law Firm…Free Legal Advice

Overseas marriages are legal  in the UK, provided they comply with the marriage laws of the  country you have got married in. However, overseas marriage cannot be  ‘registered’ here in the UK. An exception to this is where one of the couple is  a serving member of, or is attached to, the British Armed Forces at the time of  the marriage. This should be discussed with the Forces prior to the  marriage-taking place.

If, however, this is not the  case, provided one or both of you is a British citizen, and your wedding has  taken place in one of the countries from which the General Register Office  (GRO) can accept formal notifications, (these are referred to as ‘Article 7  marriages’. Please view the list of countries from which overseas  certificates >> can be accepted),  a  ‘record’ can be created for your overseas marriage by depositing the marriage  certificate along (with translations if applicable) in the GRO.

This record can be created at anytime after  your marriage ceremony. In order to have your marriage certificate deposited  you will need to specifically contact the GRO in the UK, and the British Embassy in the country you were  married, as this is not an automatic process, and state that you wish to  deposit your marriage certificate with the GRO.

You will need to provide the  British Embassy, in the country where you got married, with a certified copy of  your marriage certificate, which will have been duly authenticated by the local authority. They will then translate the certificate, possibly subject to a fee. The British Consular General will then forward  the certificate, along with an accompanying note, to the GRO in the UK, again subject to a fee.

Once the documents have been received by the  GRO you will be notified. The documents are then held with the GRO and from  then onwards a copy of your marriage certificate can be requested, should the  need arise.


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