..::Muslim marriages on telephone approved for Immigration to Canada

Muslim Dial a Marriage approved for Immigration to Canada: Again the Issue of Reasonable Accommodation of certain Cultures afforded  others in Canada, yet not available to the general populace certainly needs to  be addressed with our Federal Government whose “Unclear on the Concept” of  equality for all Canadians certainly does not apply time and time again.

Recent media reports on Dial a Marriage speaks volumes again on the  inadequacies of Equality in Canada.

Certainly this Dial a Marriage scheme could contribute to spousal abuse or  worse when sight unseen marriages between two people with one living abroad and  one in Canada.  Though it is stated this is a rare occurrence in the Muslim  community, ongoing reasonable accommodations protests sent to the Prime Minister  seem to have gone unheeded on the issue of favoritism for some and not for  others will surely raise it’s ugly head amongst Immigrants and Canadians alike  who are not afforded this same courtesy when seeking a bride, groom or same sex  partner outside of Canada.

A veiled photo of a woman in a hijab showing most likely only her eyes and  sent to a prospective suitor certainly is a dangerous game for the women, if,  upon a marriage and later reflection by her husband once the veil is lifted on  the day of consummation may put the woman’s life in danger if her appearance or  demeanor is not pleasing to her husband.

This will only result in a myriad of headaches for both the Canadian  government (Immigration) and the taxpaying public who may have to support the  woman and any children resulting from the marriage.

Though Immigration Canada state anyone who sponsors someone from another  country is responsible for his or her financial well being for 10 years will  fall to the husband; To this I say, Well good luck with that. !!

Somehow I fear if this is allowed to continue by our Federal Government after  years of reports in the media of Cultural killings of women in Canada by their  spouses may attribute to an already growing problem, this may be exacerbated by  spouses who wish a Cultural murder as a quickie divorce and absolution of a  decade or more of financial spousal support payments. Then they are free to do  this all over again, with some other unsuspecting bride.

Everyone in Canada must be treated equal with all the same rights; again,  another fine Government failure to listen to the voters as once again we have an  example amongst many, many other proven cases where equality for all does not  apply for us.