..::Immigration Lawyers and Law Firm in Pakistan

…Our Immigration Advisory Services

We are not so-called Immigration Consultants but Immigration Lawyers. As part of our legal services, we also offer legal advice and counselling on International Immigration Matters. We are very confident on our reputation for extending the best and viable immigration advice to our clients.


Our Immigration Lawyers evaluate and prepare your cases keeping in view the updated immigration laws and rules of the concerned countries. At our law firm we have a strict procedure to ensure that your case undergoes a watertight assessment, preparation and final checks to ensure your success.

Our lawyers discuss every aspect and step of your immigration case with you and process all required documentation in the most efficient and professional manner. We provide very convenient and cost-effective services to our valuable clients.


We only make best legal advice and assistance to our clients. We do not have the authority to grant an immigration or visa of any kind. The final decision always rests with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship of the concerned country.


18 comments on “..::Immigration Lawyers and Law Firm in Pakistan

  1. i applied for job in usa after interviw on skypee they send me mail

    The Board has decided to give you a chance after screening your filled employment form, we have decided to offer you the post of a Civil Engineer with Construction Experts Limited . You are advise to send the attached recommendation letter to the US Immigration Lawyer through their electronic contact address…… for processing of your temporary skilled American Work Visa . Congratulations once more. Always quote your reference number in subsequent mails.

    need some help .what should i do next


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