::Sale and Purchase of Property in Pakistan

We provide a full  legal services to overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals in Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Property in Pakistan

In developed countries people sell, purchase and transfer property through legal experts and get avoid from frauds and legal complications. But unfortunately in Pakistan people directly go for this business, without verification of the title deeds and legal status of the properties and get trapped in frauds and legal complications. The best and safe way to sell, purchase and transfer of property is firstly to consult with lawyer for verification and checking the title deeds and legal status of the property. This would save you from property frauds and loss of your money.

Our law firm advise and assists clients in sale, purchase and leasing of commercial, agricultural and residential properties. We successfully complete the whole process of verification and registration of title documents, procurement of revenue documents “Farad” and get mutation of names (Intiqal) in the revenue record.

We initiate legal proceedings against the offenders of Land Grabbing, Illegal Possession of property and fraudulent transfer of property.


29 comments on “::Sale and Purchase of Property in Pakistan

  1. When we are buying plot what questions we need to ask before deal??
    And how we verify the sale is not fraudulent?


    • you better check the revenue and other record of property from the concerned offices.
      you must also given a public notice in national news paper before purchasing the property.
      you must make a comprehensive Agreement of Sale and Purchase between the parties.
      better you take a legal advice about the status of property?


  2. Lahore is a diversified region and the cultural city of Pakistan. People from whole country come and live there as it has best educational institutions, medical facilities and top quality infrastructure.


  3. Sir mera yeh question ha k hum 5 marly jaga purchase kar rahy hain ashtam paper per .kal ko koi problem to na ho gi k govt humain waha say utha day


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