::Post-arrest Bail in Pakistan..Case Law

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Qamar Hussain V State 2011 YLR 2327 Karachi High Court

S. 497— control of narcotic substances act (XXVof 1997), S.9(b)–possession of narcotic s—Bail  –assessment of evidence—  Principle— Deeper appreciation of  record at Bail stage cannot be  made and only tentative assessment thereof  is permissible just to find out whether the accused is prima facie connected  with the of fence or not

Nasir Khan Vs Waseel Gul 2011 SCMR 710

S. 497(2) —bail —Caseof further inquiry—Main  consideration for grant of bail under S. 497(2), Cr. P. C.  is, that if court forms an opinion on the basis of tentative assessment of evidence that prima facie,  reasonable grounds were available to believe that accused has not committed the of fence with which he was being  charged, he would be allowed bail  as of right by virtue of S. 497(2), Cr. P. C

Mst. Rafaqat Bibi V State 2011 MLD 1070 Lahore High Court

S.497—control of narcotic substances act (XXVof 1997), S.51—Bail  —Section 497, Cr.P.C. not applicable to offences under the control of

narcotic substances act , 1997—Section 51of the control of narcotic substances act , 1997, has ousted the  implication of S.497, Cr.P.C.  from the cases relating to narcotic  s punishable with death—Said S.51 relates to the control of narcotic substances act , 1997, which is a special  law dealing only with the of  fences relating to narcotic  drugs, psychotropic substances  and to control the production,  processing and trafficking of  the same, whereas Criminal Procedure Code, 1898, is a general law and special  law has always precedence over the general law—When the law makers provide  some special provision in the Statute to bar the jurisdiction of Special Court established  under the said enactment, due  weight is to be given to such special provision of law as against general  principles governing such cases, when accused approaches the Special Court or  the High Court.

Nasir Khan Afridi V State 2011 YLR 2316 Karachi High Court

S. 497–control of narcotic substances act (XXVof 1997), S.9(c)—Bail  –assessment of material on  record–Principle–deeper appreciation of the record atBail stage, cannot be gone into,  but only it is to be seen as to whether the accused is prima facie connected  with the commission of the of fence or not.

Arshad Ali Vs State 2010 GBLR149 Northern Areas Supreme Appellate Court

S.497—Penal Code (XLV of 1860), Ss.302/118/212/216—anti  -terrorism Act (XXVII of 1997),  Ss.6/7—Qatl-e-amd and terrorism  —bail —Heinousness of  offence—Principle—Concession of bail cannot be withheld on the plea of heinousness of the offence, if the  accused is otherwise found entitled to the same


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