::Law and Procedure of Pre-Arrest Bail in Pakistan

Section 498 of Pakistan Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.P.C.) gives direction on the subject of pre-arrest bail. This section enables High Court and session court to give pre-arrest bail in circumstances of exceptional nature. But these kinds of power needs to be figured out in accordance with guideline and direction given by superior courts.

As outlined by Supreme Court of Pakistan to be able to give pre-arrest bail.

1.Arrest staying for hidden causes for example embarrassment and unjustified pestering.

2.Criminal justice inspired to factors permanent trouble for the status and liberty.

3.Determination of law enforcement on political concern.

4.Heinousness of offence on it’s own not enough for rejection of bail.

Therefore whenever we summarize the primary situations prior to giving of pre-arrest bail those are:

1.Authentic showed clearly pressure of upcoming arrest.

2.Individual should be in physical form surrender towards the courtroom.

3.Pressure of harassment in addition to under permanent embarrassment by unjustified arrest.

4.It needs to be in any other case fit case on benefits.


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