..::Recovery of Bad Debts and Money in Pakistan

Legal Procedure in Pakistan

Recovery of debts and money can be both frustrating and time consuming in Pakistan. The best way to go against the defaulters is to choose the right form of legal action at proper time otherwise you might suffer. Our law firm is very successfully providing services for recovery of bad debts and loan by initiating civil and criminal proceeding against defaulters. Our attorneys have extensive legal experience in debt-recovery laws. We aggressively pursue your debts collection process in Pakistan and recover your debt and money in very fast manner.

We provide legal services for those clients who are not afraid to take an aggressive legal approach in the recovery of their debts. If you want more money recovered with a legal, safe and fast manner, contact our law firm.



4 comments on “..::Recovery of Bad Debts and Money in Pakistan

  1. How to transfer property when registration is closed and only option is transfer through power of attorney…and already twice the property has been transferred on power of attorney Basis…can we transfer property as in gift


  2. my family gave my uncle power of attorney to build us a house while we were in America. his job profession is building houses and our family is one of the richest families involved in land development in lahore. It has been 3 full years he did not build us anything and keeps lying. so i said just return my money he gave me a post dated check that was no good. last week. I know he has plenty of money and could pay me now but he has proved to us that he is one of the most corrupt and evil people i ever met. we gave him power of attorney to sell our property with no questions asked or legal evidence stating what he was going to do because of the high respect of other members in our family. they make societies for a living. so my uncle deceived us very good. right now my evidence is the bad check, email stating sorry i didn’t build you a house, Sms stating he owes me money. my name is…… the check amount 1 crore 7 lac no good. honestly i do not have much money and this money is the most amount our family has ever had. I would like to pursue this matter as severe as possible if he does not fix this issue immediately.


    • Dear Brother, you have very good case against your attorney. you can sue him for recovery of your money and damages andalso prosecute him against the bad check issued by him.


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