..::What is Procedure for Court Marriage in Pakistan

To get into marriage the minimum age of the girl  should be 16 and of boy 18 years. Age verification is necessary and the same can be done by way of producing copies of “National Identity Card (CNIC)”, “Form B” or Educational Certificate (S.S.C, Matric) and two copies of passport size photos with white or blue background.

Girl having age more than 16 years can contract marriage in the court with her own free will and without the consent of her parents. For court marriage CNIC or other educational documents for the proof of her age are required. For marriage performance at least two witnesses are required.

Parents cannot cancel Marriage (Nikah) , they can only pressurize the girl to file the divorce case in the court. The girl (Bride) with her free will can get divorce from the court or the boy (Groom) can  divorce her out side the court. Otherwise there is no other way for the cancellation of the Marriage (Nikah).

Note: : To avoid complications first coordinate with your Parents, Friends & Family to make arrangements of Marriage (Nikkah); if not possible then consult with any Lawyer (Advocate) for court marriage.


49 comments on “..::What is Procedure for Court Marriage in Pakistan

  1. Can you plz tell me that without n.i.c of both ( is nikah is possible with other proofs ? Plz help me 😥


  2. Assalam o Alaikum!

    Sir, I am a Pakistani national, working in Abu Dhabi and willing for court marriage in Pakistan with a Christian girl who is not Pakistani national. Kindly guide me which documents do I need while marrying a christian girl in Pakistan courts.


    • yes you can marry with christian foreign lady in Pakistan.
      the lady should have the documents showing her age and marital status.
      she must me 18 years plus and no subsisting marriage.


  3. Can an American girl getting married in Pakistan use her passport or other ID? I do not want to make an oversees card. Please advise. Thank you!


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