::Criminal Trial and Litigation in Pakistan

Initiation of Criminal Proceedings in Pakistan: The law is set into motion with a complaint to the concerned police station, resulting in registration of a criminal case in the shape of a First Information Report (FIR). In case of delay in the same we may assist you in seeking Court order for registration of a criminal case in the event the police, for some reason or another.

Private Criminal Complaints in Pakistan: The Law firm has enormous experience in scenarios where Local Police was not communicating well and we resorted to private prosecution.

Harassment Petitions: Criminal intimidation, threats and harassment activities are treated as serious offences under Pakistani Law, which is a right guaranteed under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Bail Matters: Importance of getting bailed out in a criminal matter is the primary concern whether it is Pre-arrest, post arrest, anticipatory bails or else.

Trials: Adopting the right course of action, coupled with a planned and well thought-out strategy, plays a pivotal role behind every successful trial.

Appeals: Lawyers at our law firm are committed to aggressive and prompt appeal in case of adverse orders.


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