::Sale of Real Estate and Property in Pakistan

Sale of real estate in Pakistan normally takes place through a title document known as a Sale Deed, except in certain cases e.g. purchase of real estate in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) or in a housing society where sale deed is not executed for transfer of title in real estate and an allotment letter/transfer letter from the authority or the society, as the case may be, is deemed to be the title document. Some people, before execution of the sale deed, may opt to execute an agreement to sell. However, such agreement to sell does not transfer title to a property in favour of the vendee. It, nevertheless, does create a right in favour of the vendee, in case the vendor refuses to honour the terms and conditions of the agreement, to seek specific enforcement of the agreement to sell. Title in an immovable property is only deemed to transfer once such Sale Deed or title document has been executed. A sale deed must be affixed with requisite stamp duty and it must be registered with the relevant sub-registrar. After registration of the Sale Deed with the sub-registrar it must be ensured that a mutation of such sale is entered in the register of mutations kept and maintained by the patwari.


4 comments on “::Sale of Real Estate and Property in Pakistan

  1. I am purchasing a plot in ex servicemen housing society, but mostly its file are double or disputed and there is new file and old file problem. so my question is what documents are necessary in future to avoid from risk. If I verify from society office and take verification letter will it be enough or do something more. plz guide me at your earliest convenience thanks


    • first of all you must avoid to purchase such doubtful and disputed property, but if you want to purchase it then you must get some verification letter regarding the ownership status of property, from that housing society office, you must also give a news paper add regarding the purchase of such property. You must also get into an agreement with the seller by enumerating detailed terms and conditions regarding the clear title of the seller and in case of any defect in the title, how your money will be payed back with interest etc.


  2. Lake City management has issued letter to owners to deposit the registration fee of 20000marla immediate as per law where the house was booked in the year 2008 and possession letter has already been issued in 2011..As per my view it is not justified. Kindly guide in this regard.


    • it seems that it is not justified demand of the lake city management, i can not give any further comments without knowing the detailed facts of the allotment and terms and condition between the parties


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