::Gift of Property/Real Estate in Pakistan

Gift of Real Estate in Pakistan

Gift of real estate in Pakistan must be made in writing. There is, however, a qualification to this general rule in case of a Muhammaden. A Muhammaden may make an oral gift of an immovable property. Although allowed under law, it is not recommended to make oral gifts of immovable property because it may become difficult to prove an oral gift. Where a gift deed is executed, it must be affixed with appropriate stamp duty and it must be registered.

An oral gift, in case of a Muhammaden, takes effect if all three of these under mentioned conditions are satisfied:

Declaration of gift;

Acceptance of the gift by the donnee during the lifetime of the donor

Transfer of possession of the subject matter of the gift by the donor to the donnee

Once all of the above-mentioned conditions are satisfied, then the fact of a gift is deemed to be established.


61 comments on “::Gift of Property/Real Estate in Pakistan

  1. My mother, two sisters and myself (4 people) are owners of immovable property in Pakistan. My mother lives abroad and cannot travel due to health. She would like to gift (Hiba) her share of property to all 3 children. What is the process that needs to be executed?
    1) What official papers required?
    2) Attestation by embassy abroad required?
    3) Since mother cannot travel and be present, who can be attorney?
    4) Is registration required since the children are also present owners?

    thank you.


    • your mother will execute a General Power of Attorney attested by Pakistani Consulate, that GPA will be registered in Pakistan and the Attorney will transfer the mothers property to any person as the terms and conditions of GPA


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