..::Dishonour of Cheque…Law and Remedies in Pakistan

A dishonoured cheque is one, which when presented is refused payment by the bank because of insufficient funds or because it is not in order, dishonestly issuing a cheque is a criminal offence in Pakistan. Dishonestly issuing a cheque is governed by section 489-F of the Pakistan Penal Code, 1860. The said section reads as follows:

489-F Dishonestly issuing a cheque: Whoever dishonestly issues a cheque towards re-payment of a loan or fulfilment of an obligation which is dishonoured on presentation shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to three years and with fine unless he can establish, for which the burden of proof shall rest on him, that he had made arrangements with his bank to ensure that the cheque would be honoured and that the bank was at fault in not honouring the cheque.

The offence under this section is cognizable by police, non-bailable and compoundable.

Please note each case has to be seen on its own facts and circumstances.

We can advise you on cheque bouncing, recovery of debt, recovery of money, legal notice for cheque dishnonour, lodging of First Information Report (F.I.R.) and other related matters to individuals, firms, companies both local and foreign. You can contact us for detailed consultancy and advice.


62 comments on “..::Dishonour of Cheque…Law and Remedies in Pakistan

  1. AoA .
    I got two cheques from a person . He said dont go to the bank i will give you money within 2 months but he didn’t . So i Dishonored the cheques (on fifth month) now there is also a fir against him .. so i just wanna ask that can he get bail if the police get a warrant against him?


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