::Pakistani Marriage Ceremonies

As Pakistan is a Muslim state so religion is dominant in every aspect of lives of Pakistanis whether it is a issue of trade, relationships, marriages or foods. As way as marriage is involved it is considered not a romantic relationship between two persons but a social bond between two families. And when groom’s family members approves the girl as a bride then a series of ceremonies begins as engagement ceremony, ubtan, mehndi, wedding ceremony day, wallima and lastly muklava day (following valima). All these ceremonies are regarded as a aspect and parcel of the total wedding ceremony approach.

Initial we get up engagement ceremony to be discussed. Groom’s family along with its close relatives arrive at bride’s house where they are welcomed warmly. Girl will get all set on parlour now a days as parlours are mostly visited by youth of Pakistanis. Then boy presents gold or diamond ring in front of all the friends. Then gifts are exchanged amongst each other folks on this event. Girl’s gown and other accessories are from boy’s side. Then each the parties repair a suitable date for marriage.

Prior to marriage, the ubtan day arrives, on this day the youthful ladies put on yellow colour dresses, and the bride’s dress is also in yellow color. According to the situation boys also use yellow color mufflers around their neck to be a aspect of ceremony. The two the events join on the occasion wearing lovely dresses. Youthful ladies sing wedding ceremony songs and existing ludi, on the other hand the boys existing bhangra which is performed on the new music of dhol. The bride is being sat on the chair and the married girls of each sides arrive 1 by a single to use ubtan on her and supply her sweet. They also give veil of bride. It is a certain amount of cash which they give to very poor right after presenting to few on their heads. In this way both the bride and groom are saved from unwell, evils and poor eyes which can hurt them or their blissful daily life. Following this ceremony equally the bride and groom are confined to their certain rooms for one or two week. They use ubtan on their total system to make themselves a lot more gorgeous.

Then comes mehndi on this day the women use particular green and yellow dresses for this situation which is ready from the leaves of a tree lenna. When it is employed in hands and ft beautifully it leaves dark red color on skin. This day is celebrated comparable as the day of ubtan. Mehndi is utilised in the area of ubtan by the bride. Severely created of flowers i-e rose and jasmine is used by the bride on this day. Ear-rings, mala, gajrey teeka are included in this flower jewelry.

At last the most awaited day arrives in the lives of blessed few. Bride wears red colour suit (embroider) or lehnga on this day although groom wears shalwar qameez or sherwani with kullah. Bride gets ready on a parlour. Then the custom of “nikah is held”. Bride and groom accept each and every other as spouse and husband for their long term life. Then dates (a dry fruit) are provided as a sweet to the guests. Then friends are supplied marriage ceremony meal which is made up of chicken, beef or rice etc. Pakistani marriages which are held in the higher society manage quantity of dishes to display their wealth and pride. In reduced class there are managed a single or two dishes only. Then some customs are held according to the way of life such as the milk consuming, mirror showing and shoe is stolen also with some jokes and photography is done. All the people arrive flip by turn to the bride and groom to see them, awarding the ‘salami’and giving them prayers for their content daily life. Then this new few is gone to the groom’s property. This departure is held under the light of Holy Quran. The last functionality of the wallima is held on the up coming day at groom’s house wherever all the friends come for a feast. Equally the ceremonies of the ‘nikah’ and ‘wallima’ are sunnah of our Holy Prophet (Saw). That’s why even the very poor also deal with these two ceremonies but in accordance to their economic position. Following the wallima the last custom named “muklawa” is held. It is an invitation from the bride’s family members to the groom’s family members to arrive along with this new content few. Following this ceremony the method of the marriage is accomplished.

There are located some distinctions in celebrating the marriage in accordance to the customs of lifestyle in various provinces but general it is alike whole the nation. In some families there is a rule of marriage in which the boys and women are bartered with each and every other called the (watta satta). These marriages are virtually significantly less profitable. In some households there is a rule that they will not marry their daughters with out household. In some situations youthful women are married with previous males, this is not great. Although according to the Islam it is crucial that both the lady and boy really should be concur for marriage with every other. And we are the Muslims, so we are bounded in accordance to our religion to obey this purchase.

Article by Sana



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