::Legal Measures for Cyber Crimes in Pakistan

There are numerous counts of crimes going on right now in the cyber world. And it grows rapidly as the population of users continues to grow. Thus, such laws for cyber crimes are implemented for the protection of internet users as an individual and society as a whole. So far, the government has been collaborating with Law enforcers who specialize in cyber crimes in advancing and implementing more severe and fearful punishments such as unbearable fines and even long time terms of imprisonment.
Even though these laws have been long implemented, there are still some who crave to get into someone else’s computer. Cyber criminals often obstruct your privacy, deceive and steal from you. Most of the time, they get away with it. The problem really is most of their crimes are just too annoying to pursue because the damage is only low rated. The problem truly relates to the people who have a reputation to hold in the society. Politicians, celebrities, a writer, columnist, editors. I suppose everyone who has or holds a valuable program, file or profile in his computer can relate to these crimes.
Even a little girl who writes her diary on facebook is not safe from these criminals. In order to prevent cyber crimes, here are some safety measures you can take:
Provide yourself with information about the scams that is existing in the internet and avoid into falling into their schemes. This way, you have stepped a higher leap than those criminals.
Use a Firewall to hold a barrier against suspicious e-mails that contains viruses and may later destroy your computer. Own software that already has a Firewall. This way, it can keep the intruders out of your computer.
Be careful upon clicking on any links from people that you do not know. These links could take you to a fake website that asks for your private information, such as user names and passwords, or it could download malware onto your computer. Even if the message is from someone you know, be cautious. Some viruses replicate and spread through email, so look for information that indicates that the message is legitimate.
Use strong passwords. Although it may be easier for you to remember short passwords that refers to your birthday, middle name, or pet’s name, these kinds of passwords make it easy for hackers to put their hands on your account. Strong passwords can go a long way in helping secure your information, so choose a password that is at least 10 characters long and consists of a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Also consider changing your password periodically to reduce the likelihood of it being compromised.
Use common sense. Despite the warnings, cybercrime is increasing, fueled by common mistakes. People make such as responding to spam and downloading attachments from people they don’t know. So, use common sense whenever you’re on the Internet. Never post personal information online or share sensitive information such as your social security number and credit card number.
Exercise caution when clicking on any links or downloading any programs.
You on the other hand can stop cybercrime yourself. Taking precautions and improving your knowledge about this matter is truly enough tools to go against or might as well avert from cyber crimes.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  E. Mondejar E. Mondejar is a writer for the Internet Law Firm of Aaron Kelly.



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