Criminal Justice System In Pakistan.


In the Criminal Justice System, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The Police who investigate the crime, and the District Attorney who prosecute the offenders. However in Pakistan, we have a Police, that terrorizes the population,protects VIPs, extorts money and misplaces exculpatory evidence. Then we have district attorneys who are paid squat. They prosecute on false evidence and have no protection when handling cases. Hence the people in Pakistan’s criminal justice system are represented by pure crap. May God save us from all! Let us recall the horrific incident of Sialkot. Where two brothers were publicly lynched by a mob and the police just stood there enjoying the show. Even the Supreme Court ordered DPO(Sialkot) to take notice of this horrific act within a few hours, after the airing of the lynching on national television. When the police sprang into action, 4 culprits escaped from custody.  The police were all but cooperative with the lead prosecutor, and the investigation was messed up from day one. Even though, the victims’ family told the court about the unreasonable delay on behalf of the state. Which resulted in a court order, that demanded the state expedite the investigation, and bring the accused persons in court so that justice could be carried out. People from all walks of life spoke up, and were sympathized with the victims family. Also there was a consensus in all segments of the population, that this barbaric act can never be condoned and the culprits must be hanged. Just when we thought that maybe the state would bring the culprits to justice, funny things happened. The apprehended suspects managed to flee a police station, with 40 officers on duty without any use of lethal force.  Then the murder weapon(Steel Rods) disappeared, and have yet to be produced in court by the state. Last but not least, the Challan prepared by Investigation Officer (IO) Under Section 173 of Criminal Procedure Code 1898 has gone missing, and the investigating officer has yet to account for it’s disappearance. Only in the land of pure can one expect the police to make a criminal walk and the innocent suffer. Evidence of inculpatory and exculpatory nature disappears without an explanation. Prosecution witnesses being killed by unknown gunmen.  I firmly believe, that being a law student that no society can survive without a rule of law. When the criminal justice system breaks, so does social tranquility and order. Then we have daily occurrences of heinous crimes like abduction, murder, rape, larceny, extortion and etc in all major cites of this country.  I strongly appeal, to the authorities and the police, to please wise up and save the system before the tide of nature, takes these people to task, for which they will have only themselves to blame and their generation to suffer forthwith. Written by Sohail Anwer student of Law.

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