..::SALE AND PURCHASE of Property in Pakistan

Sale of real estate in Pakistan normally takes place through a title document known as a Sale Deed, except in certain cases e.g. purchase of real estate in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) or in a housing society where sale deed is not executed for transfer of title in real estate and an allotment letter/transfer letter from the authority or the society, as the case may be, is deemed to be the title document. Some people, before execution of the sale deed, may opt to execute an agreement to sell. However, such agreement to sell does not transfer title to a property in favour of the vendee. It, nevertheless, does create a right in favour of the vendee, in case the vendor refuses to honour the terms and conditions of the agreement, to seek specific enforcement of the agreement to sell. Title in an immovable property is only deemed to transfer once such Sale Deed or title document has been executed. A sale deed must be affixed with requisite stamp duty and it must be registered with the relevant sub-registrar. After registration of the Sale Deed with the sub-registrar it must be ensured that a mutation of such sale is entered in the register of mutations kept and maintained by the patwari.

Our Law Firm is involved in providing services and assistance to our valued clients in buying and selling of both movable and immovable properties & real estate in Pakistan. We also provide our services to facilitate the required permissions, etc. for setting up various industries, factories, commercial complexes, industrial and residential estates, etc. across Pakistan. We also provide specialist advice on Capital Value Tax, Excise Duties and Registration Fees. T o be specific our expert lawyers/Attorneys offer the following:
•Obtain a fresh copy of Fard (???) from relevant sub-registrar
•Obtain a certified copy of Aks-Shajra (map)
•Obtain a certified copy of Tatima/Supplementary Map of the property
•Investigate & verify title documents of the property
•Investigate & verify mutation in favor of the vendor
•Demarcation details
•Drafting of the documents
•Registration of conveyance deed
•Transfer of title
•Entries in relevant government record
•Obtain a NOC, if necessary
•Verification of the Power of Attorney of the vendor, if any
•Verification of other documents e.g lease deeds, mortgage deeds, gift deeds etc., if any

Do CONTACT US now for a complete advisory package on procedure for sale/purchase of real estate in Pakistan, Gift of real estate in Pakistan, lease of real estate in Pakistan, mortgage of real estate in Pakistan and taxation of gains from real estate in Pakistan, taxation of real estate in Pakistan and set up of real estate investment trusts in Pakistan.


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    • its not fare that you copy and publish our articles relating to law on your website relating to property business


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