..::Judicial Divorce / Khula in Pakistan

Judicial khula may also be granted without the husband’s consent if the wife is willing to forgo her financial rights.

Grounds for Judicial Divorce
Grounds on which a woman may seek khula include:

Desertion by husband for four years,
Failure to maintain for two years
Husband contracting a polygamous marriage in contravention of established legal procedures,
Husband’s imprisonment for seven years,
Husband’s failure to perform marital obligations for three years,
Husband’s continued impotence from the time of the marriage,
Husband’s insanity for two years or his serious illness,
Wife‘s exercise of her option of puberty if she was contracted into marriage by any guardian before the age of 16 and repudiates the marriage before the age of 18 (as long as the marriage was not consummated),
Husband’s cruelty (including physical or other mistreatment, unequal treatment of co-wives), and
Any other ground recognised as valid for the dissolution of marriage under Muslim law.



11 comments on “..::Judicial Divorce / Khula in Pakistan

  1. Dear sir, in case if a husband donot maintain wife for more than 2 years, neigher give any maintenance for her child. nor give her talak. and also shows no interest in her. can girl go for judicial divource and in case of judicial divource she will have to return the meher or not because it is the husband who is at the wrong.


    • yes on these grounds she can go for judicial divorce, return of haq mahar is not necessary if the husband constraied the wife for a judicial divorce


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