..::Shia Male..Married with Christian woman in England held, valid

..::Shia male marrying Christian woman, at Hull (England) before Registrar of Marriages–­Marriage, held, valid,

Held, that the contract of marriage entered into by a Shia man and a Christian woman at Hull (England) before the Registrar of Marriages was “perfectly valid”

The husband (in this case) who was prosecuting his complaint under sections 497 and 498, P. P. C. was not questioned as to whether he was an Asuli or an Akhbari Shia, but he claimed that he differed from the ordinary Imamias in that he followed the Quran in some respects in preference to some of the traditions followed by other Shias, adding that he did not believe in muta marriage at all.

Being of opinion that a person is generally the best witness about his religious beliefs and that his statement in this request was to be accepted unless the contrary was established, the Court accepted the above statement of the husband as to his religious beliefs.

The defence argument that Christians, believing in the Trinity, were Mushriks (polytheists) and that, therefore, such a marriage was invalid, was rejected as entirely untenable, the Court observing that for about 1400 years Christians had been held by all Muslims to be Kitabis.



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