..::Christian Wife of Muslim Husband..Law of Domicile of Husband will apply

Divorce Act (IV of 1869), S. 2‑Parties to marriage one of whom is a Christian…Marriage can be dissolved only under Divorce Act‑(Muhammadan husband and Christian wife

Domicile‑ Wife’s domicile is domicile of her husband–­Law of domicile of husband allowing oral divorce‑Such divorce if recognized as valid by Courts of country of domicile is binding on Courts of all countries‑ [Muhammadan Law‑Divorce].

The domicile of the husband is the domicile of the wife, and the law applicable to a divorce is the law of the domicile of the parties which means the domicile of the husband. If the law in force in Egypt allowed a Muslim husband to divorce his Christian wife by word of mouth and that divorce had been recognized as valid by a Court of law in Egypt, that decision would be a decision which would be binding not only between the parties but on all the world and recognizable by Courts of all countries.

:Muslim Family Laws in Pakistan

Divorce Act (IV of 1869), S. 2‑Christian wife of Muslim husband, becoming herself a Muslim‑Muhammadan Law of divorce

If a Christian wife of a Muslim has renounced her Christian religion for Islam, the Muslim law of Divorce would become applicable because both parties are Muslims.



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