.::Divorce according to Shia Laws (Fiqqah i Jafaria)

Divorce‑­-Pronouncement according to Shia law‑‑Two Adil males to hear said pronouncement‑‑Trial Court on basis of evidence led by parties reaching conclusion that pronouncement of divorce made by husband on wife did not conform to requirements of Shia law inasmuch as it was not heard by two Adil males and, therefore, lady could not be said to have ceased to be his wife‑‑Finding of fact recorded by Trial Court and endorsed by appellate Court not shown to have been arrived at as a result of misreading of evidence or based on no evidence‑‑Interference declined by High Court in constitutional jurisdiction.

‑‑‑‑Divorce‑‑‑Fiqqah‑i‑Jafaria‑‑‑ Proce­dure ‑‑‑Requirement of valid Talaq under Shia Law is that it should be pronounced in Arabic words in presence of two adult male witnesses and the wife‑‑‑When presence/attendance of wife cannot be procured, then husband can pronounce Talaq (divorce) in specific Arabic words which is known as “Khutba Talaq “, but in presence of two male witnesses‑‑‑Such Talaq (divorce) can be reduced into writing and forwarded to wife or the same may be intimated to her otherwise.


11 comments on “.::Divorce according to Shia Laws (Fiqqah i Jafaria)

  1. Salam,
    I spend 10 years unmarried life with my husband in marrige.he have medical problem . Im totaly unmarried .he went euorope and dnt send me money and nothing. Now i m in my mother home since 4 years .plz tell me about my tallaq or khula rules and regulation .he dnt want to leave me becuse of selfishness plz help me .i m realy thanksful to u wht quran says.


    • You can get a Khula divorce from your husband. Khula divorce is valid as per Islamic laws of this country


      • I don’t think so, even then the affected spouse must contact the arbitration council for issuance of a divorce certificate to that effect


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