..::What are the Christian Marriage Laws in Pakistan?

Christian law strictly enforces monogamy and according to the Christian Canons, there can be no marriage where the former husband or wife of either party is living at the time of the wedding and marriage with such former husband or wife is still’ in force and has not been dissolved.

­Plaintiff claimed to be the son of the first wife of the deceased and the defendants were from the wedlock of the second wife‑‑‑Contention of the plaintiff was that under. the Christian law second marriage, was a void marriage and defendants were not entitled to inherit the estate of the: deceased‑‑‑Trial Court decreed the suit whereas lower Appellate Court, after holding the defendants as legal heirs of the deceased found them entitled to the inheritance‑‑‑Validity‑‑‑Plaintiff was the only lawful legal heir of the deceased and was his sole surviving child and as such was entitled to inherit the suit land to the exclusion of all else including the defendants in the suit‑‑‑



8 comments on “..::What are the Christian Marriage Laws in Pakistan?

  1. i have a question sir can we marry big brother daughter(taya ke bati)
    according to bible or in christian law


    • Dear Brother
      According to my information, as per christian law, you falls within prohibited degrees and can’t marry


  2. im really not undestan. im just confused. Im from ukraine and married wiz Pakistani man in him country. When im went in my country, he married wiz other women also from other country, and now in this years he is again married but wiz pakistani girl.
    But im not divorsed wiz him. im really confused, how its possible. Explaine me please.
    PS.The now im really want devorsed wiz him.


    • yes, without coming to Pakistan, you can get divorce from that person.
      for this divorce purpose, you have to appoint a Special Attorney in Pakistan
      Special attorney will proceed all divorce proceedings in Pakistan.
      our law firm will guide your for your complete divorce in Pakistan


  3. Sir, I just want 2 know, in chriastian law, if the first wife is still alive and the marriage is still intact, is the second marriage valid, and can the children of the second wife inherit the property.


    • in christian law polygamy is not allowed any where in the world.
      if your husband not divorced you, his second marriage is not valid


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