..::Maintenance of minors..Principles under Muslim Family Laws in Pakistan

Qur’an specifically enjoins the parents about their children ‑ Chapter 4 Al‑Nisa, Verse No.ll. .Even though parents are mentioned as heirs but significantly the Verse starts with a stress on the obligation of the parents towards their progeny.

This is further supported by the commandment contained in Chapter 6, Verse 151 and Chapter 17, Verse 31 where the parents are warned not to kill (physically and metaphorically) the progeny for fear of poverty because Allah has assumed the responsibility of providing for the needs of the parents as well as their children. .

This leads to the conclusion that in fact it is the right of children to be protected and be provided for because their legal capacity is defective and it is the obligation of parents to protect and take steps to help/develop the potential of the children.

The right in fact vests in the child right from the development of fetus in the womb. Chapter 4, Verse 6 amply proves that the rights, guarantees and protections of children is the legal requirement, the obligations; duties and the responsibility of the parents



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